Christine Moll, a Philadelphia area singer-songwriter for over 20 years, has released two original albums as a solo artist (Losing Ourselves and Pretty Show, produced by brother Mark Moll) and two  with past project Lotus Hill.    Christine was one of the  lead singers and guitarist for the band Lotus Hill.  With Lotus Hill,  she recorded "A New Sun" (produced by Cliff Hillis) and "Shine" (produced by Grammy nominated Producer, David Ivory).  Christine was also the drummer in the all female band '3 Stories High' that included an all-star musical collaboration with talented musicians/vocalists, Christine Havrilla, Kelly Ricketts and Rosann Mattei.   3 Stories High reunited for a year back in 2014 which created an off shoot trio called '9 5ive 4our' that showcased Christine Havrilla, Gretchen Schultz and Christine Moll's strong harmonizing vocal talents.  Recently, Christine has been performing with guitarist Rosann Mattei in a pop acoustic rock duo called 'Phase 2'.  Phase 2 can be found on Facebook at  .  2019 brought about another reunion of 3 Stories High shows that will continue into 2020!

What Others are saying... 

”When I first heard Christine sing 'No Fires,' I was completely enthralled. She has a perfect voice that can almost be mistaken for Sarah McLachlan. She writes from a place of intelligence and maturity. The production is wonderful and layered. Definitely a professional act whom we will hear much from in the future.” —

"Folk singer/songwriter with a great band & sound"— 

“Fans of Natalie Merchant will appreciate Christine’s lilting, relaxed vocals, and Cranberries fans will appreciate her ability to occasionally crack her vocal break for emphasis. However, Christine Moll’s songwriting is far more impressive than either one of those artists. The fearless use of just wide open, soaring backing vocals is one of my favorite aspects of this album. She has that pop ‘it’.” — Danielle Egnew of 

“’Pretty Show’ is a nicely done acoustic tune with hints of 10,000 Maniacs.”
— Rock Philadelphia

Written about the song “Lift Me” from Pretty Show album: “Well-performed singer-songwriter fare from one of the performers from one of Philly's cool all-woman powerhouse groups, 3 Stories High. Enjoyable and engaging!” — Diversity Radio Philadelphia 

“Smooth Acoustic Folk/Rock! Great lyrics...a must listen!” — The Very Best Of

 “This song (‘Steady the World’) is the sh_t. A beautiful vocal melody and catchy piano playing make this a superb effort from Christine. The cello is the icing!” — new world radio mp3 

“Christine Moll’s ‘Losing Ourselves’ gives the same impression her live PMC show did. Powerful, moving songs like ‘Murder Me’ recall Chris DeBurgh; their voices would seem to tell stories even if their well-crafted lyrics didn’t.” — Geoff Wilbur’s Renegade Newsletter, East Lansing, Michigan 

“I know everyone compares themselves to Sarah McLachlan, but Christine's voice really does remind me of Sarah.” — coffeehouse women on mp3 

“We have not stopped listening for about 2 months now! We are now your official Maine and New Hampshire fan club.” — 7 employees of GreenPages, Inc. in Kittery , ME. “’Steady the World’ is a nicely done acoustic tune with hints of 10,000 Maniacs. I love the cello and piano in this one - very nice!” — minstrel radio station mp3 

“Christine Moll represents a new generation of singer-songwriters. Her voice is compelling and her songs complex. Often compared to Natalie Merchant and the Innocence Mission, her music makes for delightful listening. She has a natural gift for catchy harmonies with an almost dreamy delivery.” — PJ Reilly, Cedar Relic Management 

“Steady the World” - “There's just something about clear voice/piano and a cello to bring in the bottom that I LOVE!!” — women in music station mp3 

“I really enjoy this song (‘No Fires’). It is one that stays in your head.” — ladies who lament mp3 

“Found this one (‘No Fires’) at the nether reaches of the acoustic charts. Just goes to show you that the best doesn't always float to the top. Excellent acoustics, great harmonies.” — station mp3 Rijksband Radio…Looking the world over for those songs with something...resonance...personal touch.